Friday, October 14, 2011

What do a Chinese Solar Company, lord of the rings pez dispensers, president obama and postcards from 1930s germany have in common?

What do a Chinese Solar Company, Lord of the Rings pez dispensers, President Obama and postcards from 1930s Germany have in common?

Not much, except that I was outraged / confused / intrigued by all of them in the course of a week. Most blogs are reserved for random observations and the Captain's Blog is no exception. 

I could have just uploaded each of these photos to Twitter or Facebook but I feel like I had more to say about them than 140 characters would allow, so here we go!

Random observation #1:
How old is this pez? I understand that the Lord of the Rings is still very popular but come on, are they really still manufacturing these or has this been sitting on the back shelf at Fred Meyer for years?

All I know is I regret not buying them already, but my internal organs are probably thanking me.

Random observation #2:

Anyone who has ever used the men’s room at the Pike Brewery in Seattle (specifically the first urinal) has probably noticed they have a lot of crazy crap on the walls. But nothing compares to the German postcards from the 1930s.

Hmm, what could have been happening in Germany in the 1930s that maybe the owners of the Pike Brewery weren’t aware of when they chose to frame these postcards that are clearly encouraging conformity amongst the beer drinking German people? I mean doesn't that guy leading the Prost look a bit familiar?

Random observation #3:
Did this Coffee shop’s sign get vandalized or in response to the President’s sliding approval ratings did they decide to disassociate their blend from the President?

Either way it seems to bode ill for the president if even in liberal Seattle, people are unwilling to openly affirm their support and go out of their way to remove his name from other people's signs.

Random Observation #4:

There I was enjoying the Seattle Sounders 3rd consecutive US Open Cup victory, when what do I see scrolling across the LED boards? An advertisement for a CHINESE solar manufacturer.

In the wake of the quasi-scandal that was the Solyndra bankruptcy, this ad made me all the more angry and sad.

The Chinese have invested billions into subsides for their solar manufactures to make them the market leader. And now they are spending some of those Chinese government Yuan advertising to us about how we should buy panels from them instead of manufacturing them here at home?

We might as well give up in the race to lead the 21st century if we are going to keep subsidizing the fuels of the past while the Chinese corner the solar market.

Our government understands the power of subsidies. But because of political corruption and our system of legalized bribery we are giving the same tax breaks to oil companies that they enjoyed in the early part of the 20th century when all the science is telling us that fossil fuels are killing our planet. 

And they have the audacity to proclaim "GO U.S." while they beat us at our own game. 

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