Saturday, August 13, 2011

Facebook changes part 2 and Rick Perry

"I will work every day to make sure that Washington DC is as inconsequential to your lives as possible." - Rick Perry's announcement speech.

Here comes President Rick Perry. He is like George W. Bush on steroids.

And today I am not so upset that Facebook has decided to truncate posts about Rick Perry tossing his cowboy hat into the already absurd Republican primary battle.

I don't know who would give Obama a better change of re-election at this point. Nominating either Bachmann or Perry would likely result in a Goldwater-esque trouncing. Obviously Texas would go for Perry and the electoral vote would likely be closer with the Republican ticket locking up the South unlike '64, but I think the potential of a landslide is there.

But on the other hand, who could resist this militaristic, jingoistic and fundamentalist poster boy?

Post Script: We are headed out for a family vacation to Croatia so the Captain's blog might take something of a hiatus depending on the availability of Wi-Fi on the Dalmatian Coast.

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