Friday, July 29, 2011

Seattle Coffee Shops

Needless to say, when you live in Seattle you see the insides of a lot of coffee shops. Some coffee shops are fancy, some are bare bones. In our neighborhood of Wallingford, there are no less than 7 coffee shops within 5 blocks. One is in our building and one is 200 feet from our door. Obviously sloth wins out most mornings and I end up at Cafe Appassionato.

However sometimes I do like to mix it up. The Diva Espresso is about a 30 second longer walk and is my usual second choice.

But I sometimes question their choices. Take this for example:

Don't get me wrong. Screens like this make mixing up orders much more difficult.

But did you notice the little "No Wi-Fi" sign sitting right next to this technological luxury? Now I understand that a screen that displays your order is a one time expense versus paying for internet access which is a monthly cost, but in a tech-savvy city like Seattle, not having wireless internet is like a bar not having a bathroom. Its a necessity.


  1. Have you ever looked up how many coffee shops you have in a 5-mile radius of your apartment? Try it sometime, it is pretty impressive!

  2. Only thing I wonder is,if I was an owner, if I get too many free loaders ( there only for the free Wi Fi and not purchasing or staying hours and hours at a time) wouldn't this be a great way to rid your self of those people gently and then just remove the sign, start up the Wi-fi again and go merrily on your way? That's what I would do.

  3. This is a great picture Eric, as to the Dichotomy of technology in my coffee... I'm not sure that I approve, maybe they should write the password on the coffee cups and change it everyday.