Thursday, July 7, 2011

Double Eagle All the Way Across the Sky

This past weekend was the Fourth of July. I also combined the holiday with my birthday that was officially on the 28th of June. A Tuesday, how lame.

How better to celebrate the 235th year of our glorious Republic than with a double Bald Eagle sighting on Lummi Island? Bald Eagles have made such an amazing recovery, and it is a real joy to see them in their natural environment. Enjoy my hilariously narrated video:

My grandparents have owned the "Lummi Stugan" (the Swedish word for cottage) since 1972, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong fellow Magnusons who read my blog. Lummi Island has always been a very special place for me. Growing up there on the weekends and in the Summers was magical. I have fond memories of full cookie jars and rides to the Islander store for ice cream bars. And now that my grandparents are 87 and 90 years old, my family and I (with the help of many of my friends) have taken on maintenance duty at the cabin. We couldn't be happier to do it. Take a look at the awesome ditch my friends dug to make sure the bottom of the trail to the beach stays dry:

Lummi Island is a paradise. If you haven't read the reviews of the Willows Restaurant, you really should. My grandparent's cabin is not 300 feet from this spectacular bed and breakfast. Read the reviews here and here. The views are unbelievable as you can see:


  1. You know, you are making our little "secret island escape" too well know my oh so excited nephew!!! Lol, just ribbin' ya!
    We are all so very blessed to have this place in our family. And to to my recollection, the folks bought the lot in 1969 as an investment. Then Bop needed a place to escape the high pressures of being a traveling salesman for Simpson Timber Company. On the advice of his Dr( as he was battling bleeding ulcers caused by stress) he told him he "needed a get away". With that the folks took out a modest loan and broke ground the summer of 1970. They had barely enough to get the foundation and frame a shell, before the loan ran out and they had to move to California. It took 10 years and things done one step, one board at a time to complete the place. i'll dig up some old photos, youd be amazed. Anyway, shuuuuuu already! Love your Aunt Dee

  2. Oh and the video of the 2 eagles is wonderful. I've only seen that a few times in my few decades of being up there. Always a jaw dropping experience, and your camera did an amazing job :-)