Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Social media choices

Since I have been working for Banyan Branch for more than a month now, I have seen some pretty interesting social media and online organizing strategies. I have come across some choices that I think are just pathetic, some that are weird and some that I just don’t understand.

Let’s start with the lame / pathetic:

Sorry Governor Gregoire, but I have to lead with this pretty poor example of using Facebook to tout your “accomplishments.” After passing a budget that will leave thousands of Washington’s most vulnerable out in the cold she decides to talk about one piece of government spending that will create 20 jobs? I know your facebook following is small, but you have to write as if the entire world is reading what you have to say. Its no wonder she decided not to run for another term.

This next one isn’t exactly a social media choice, but I did discover it while searching for social media channels for different organizations:

What a terrible logo. I mean, wow.

This next one totally confused me:

Do you think they are trying to get your attention by intentionally screwing up the text in their google ad? If getting my attention was their goal, they surely succeeded.

And leave to Mitt Romney to take the cake with absurd social media messages:

It is probably excellent facebook strategy (since the magic algorithms that control what facebook users see generally promote pages with lots of likes and comments) but it just feels weird.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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