Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Social media choices Part 2

Part 2 of my musings on some of the more interesting things I have seen while working on projects for Banyan Branch.

This next choice feels like a waste of Facebook ad dollars. The text of your ad has to be more compelling than this:

This ad assumes that I will volunteer because I like volunteering. Not very compelling. "Just click and submit and we'll contact you with info" Really folks? Not enough to get me excited to do something not many people are willing to do. I disagree with Chase's politics and I was clearly targeted with Facebook ads based on my affiliation with liberal pages, but successful Facebook ads need to do much more than this.

This choice is just plain confusing. Obama's team must be testing which of their online petitions get more signatures, petitions that claim large numbers of people have also signed or petitions that claim few others have signed.

I am supposed to believe that only 27 other people have signed the petition to re-elect the President? I had seen ads for this petition for weeks before clicking on it and taking a screen capture. I wonder what their results were.

This next one just made me laugh out loud:

Dr. House is the only other page that Miami Dade College likes? Pretty hilarious. See for yourself here.

All kidding aside, there are some pretty serious issues that come along with large numbers of people using Facebook as their primary news source. Facebook is constantly filtering and deciding what content it thinks you will be interested in. Learn more about the problem here:

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