Saturday, June 18, 2011

Google alerts are fantastic

If you have ever wanted to stay up to date on a topic, really anything you are interested in, you have to use Google Alerts. This is a service from Google that will email you however often you want with news stories and websites that match your search criteria.

So in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Croatia, I naturally set up a Google alert for "Croatia." The results have been hilarious and interesting.

Result #1: The Magnet Boy

This story actually arrived in my inbox the day after I set up my alert. Turns out it might be fake (surprise?), but what a great introduction to a country I only know a little about.

Result #2: Water spout hits cruise ship

This story arrived yesterday and inspired me to write this post. Dubrovnik is actually the city where will be staying. Google alerts strike again.

Result #3: Croatia's ascension to the European Union. 

This story is obviously less exciting, but means a lot for the people of Croatia who only 16 years after the end of the horrible Bosnian War have been preliminarily accepted into the E.U. They won't officially join until 2013, which is great for us since using the Euro would make our vacation on the Dalmatian Coast much more expensive. :)

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