Monday, April 18, 2011

Erik and Ty at the Dog Park or Will the dirth of poop bags wake people up?

I was lucky enough to escort the illustrious and popular Ty Guenther to the Magnuson Park off leash area last week. As you can tell we both had a blast:

While leaving the park I saw this sign:

Is this what it is going to take for people to realize the extent and severity of the budget cuts that been enacted at all levels of government? Most middle class tax payers have yet to feel the real impacts of state, local and federal budget cuts. In contrast poor and working class families already know the strains that budget cuts have put on their already struggling families. But when will the middle class wake up to the reality that we are selling Washington's future up the river?

I know this seems trivial compared to the cut backs in programs like The Basic Health Plan here in Washington, but not having poop bags at the dog park might finally wake some people up to the impacts of rejecting common sense tax measures like last year's I-1098 and I-1107.

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  1. Good thing I am a resident of California now! Can you feel that? That is sarcasm dripping from the page...